American Optical Sunglasses
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American Optical Sunglasses

Sunglasses American Optical are the most sold in the world because of his quality-price. They are first class. They don’t go out of fashion because they look good on all face types.

There are three different models with three sizes: 52, 55 and 57. It depends on each person and each face. If your face is small, you will use the size 52. If your face is width, you have to use the size big.

The rods are adaptable for your head without pressure. They are very comfortable.

The frame is tough to everything. They assure great durability for life. They be tested to everything: falls, blows, scratches…..

The lens are unbeatable. They provide to you the best protection of the sun’s rays (98% UVA / 100% UVB). Our eyes are a treasure, thanks to them we can live every day. We have to protect more than we do. A bad protection can cause serious problems for our health. We don’t forget about our sight.

We have several lens to choose. One of the best, without doubt, is the polarized lens. It has one filter that reduce filters and avoid reflex. It is the best option to protect your eyes. You get a totally protection with them.

The most used and love lens by people are: grey mineral TC, green and polarized grey. It’s a matter of taste. All lens are fabulous and give you the maximum quality.

American Optical sunglasses have a warranty for life. If you have any problem with lens, the frame or the rods, you have to contact to the company and they will resolve the problem.

So, if you have opportunity, American Optical sunglasses is a wise choice. It is on fashion, it protect your eyes (the most important thing) and it is maximum quality.

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