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Current US Army contractor. Handmade. True engineering works

Randolph Sunglasses - Original Military Sunglasses - Pilotvisual

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Randolph Aviator

The 23k gold aviator. A classic and timeless style that draws on generations of durability and American heritage. Genuine gold plated, choose an Aviator that will last through your travels. Both men and women wear the Gold Aviator for a modern, American look that represents strength, quality and reliability.

Price €164.46

Aviator Cobalt

From the skies to the oceans and through the urban jungle, wear a tropical style to highlight your surroundings through mirrored blue sunglasses. Expertly crafted with a green lens underneath a cobalt blue coating and metallic flash layers, it makes for a unique reflective accessory. Shine in the world again with a beautiful shade of blue.

Price €200.58